We’re looking for inspiring individuals who want to bake a difference in the world by starting a chapter of For Goodness Cakes in their community. Read on to discover more about how you can begin this program:



Drive - you take initiative in your tasks, whether it’s communicating with agencies, making sure all the cake requests are fulfilled each month, or looking for opportunities to raise money to support your chapter

Empathy - you practice this in your communications toward volunteers, agencies, and donors, and approach interpersonal relations humbly and happily. You set the example!

Appetite - you have this to learn and use our system, which is the backbone of running your chapter and is critical to success

Time - you have about 40 hours per month (with some breaks throughout the year, of course!) to dedicate toward running your chapter. Once in a while you may have to bake and deliver an emergency cake, too!



Comprehensive Training - Once a year we host a Chapter Leader Summit in Los Angeles for one weekend to bring together our new leaders and get them trained on how to lead their part of the organization. You’ll learn how we work, about our culture, get an in-depth course in strategic fundraising, and use of the systems we employ to keep us humming along. 

A Support System - Your support doesn’t start and end at the Summit - it begins the moment you raise your interest to the Executive Director. We’re with you 100% of the way! We also utilize an amazing on-the-go communications app called Slack, so you’ll have real-time conversations with other chapter leaders around the US to help one another as you make an impact in your communities - together.



Part of your Initial Commitment raise of $2,500 helps us get your region ready for the *Sprinkle Squad*. We handle everything - all you have to do is show up to our Summit to get trained. Your systems will be up and running by the time your plane lands!

You’re probably wondering - What’s this about an initial commitment? What about other fundraising? Running a nonprofit has its costs, but we’ve worked hard to bring them down - both financially and with your time.


It costs about $5,000 per year to run a chapter of For Goodness Cakes, which is pretty amazing for how big we are! If you think this may be too big of a hurdle, don’t worry - we’ve all felt it For Goodness Cakes (and every other NPO!). Raising funds isn’t easy, but we think the end result - giving children and young adults the chance to finally be celebrated (many for the first time) - is worth it. Read on to see how some of our current chapter leaders felt about fundraising - you’ll probably see some similarities!


Once a chapter opens, we make it our top priority to keep it open. That’s why we have our initial commitment - we ask you, our future chapter leader, to make sure you feel confident in fundraising. We want to make sure you’ll stay on board and by investing some effort before the chapter starts, you’ll prove to yourself (and us) you’re committed.





LA County Chapter Leader
Volunteer since 2017

“Fundraising can seem daunting and scary, but if the mission of the organization speaks to you, it is just a task that needs to be done. A cake - our simple act of kindness - can leave a positive, lasting impression on the recipient. I raise funding for those we celebrate, and without the tools we need to manage that, trying to provide as many cakes as we do would be a nightmare and we couldn’t grow, which means less celebrations for less children and young adults. Raising money is an essential part of our acts of kindness to them.”


Albuquerque Chapter Leader
Volunteer since 2018

“The initial fundraising amount felt pretty insurmountable. I thought about my love of birthdays, giving baked goods to others, and the need for positivity and encouragement to our most vulnerable youth in the community. Why not just jump in, and see where things go? If I didn’t raise the money, I’ve raised awareness for a good cause. I’ve asked plenty of people and been told no - they’ll tell you no. You just have to keep looking for people who want to hear about what we’re doing and are interested to help out. Recognizing that community buy in is invaluable. These are the tiny “way to go” moments that keep you on course when it seems insurmountable.”



Orange County Chapter Leader
Volunteer since 2017

“Hearing the fundraising amount made my heart drop and I heard a 100% unattainable number. But I felt that cause was simply more important than the fear. Finding your fundraising niche can be fun, and I’ve discovered more than just “asking for money” - we all want this to succeed, and we all give in the means that we’re able. Plus - it’s neat to be able to gather bakers and donors together!”