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Brittany Puckett

Albuquerque Chapter Lead



Where are you located?

Our operations come from sunny California, and our Chapter Lead works out of her home. If you have any questions, please contact your Chapter Lead at the email above! We do not have an office to visit.

Is there a minimum age to bake?

You must be at least 17 years old. If you’re under 17, your parent must be the volunteer in good standing. We love our little bakers, we just ask that they are supervised by their volunteer parent always to prevent any accidents.

Do I have to take the orientation?

Yes! This is mandatory and non-negotiable. Foodborne pathogens that make people sick don’t just happen in restaurants – they happen at home, too! We give you best food safety practices so that you can feel confident that you’re providing a healthy, clean cake for the recipient.

How often do I need to bake? 

There is no minimum, but we would appreciate baking at least twice a year. The more cakes, the merrier!

Can I get a picture of the party?

Unfortunately, we legally cannot take videos or photos of the recipients of the cakes except in super rare circumstances. But rest assured, your cake was thoroughly enjoyed!

Not sure I can commit yet… 

We totally understand! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates. Come back and sign up for an orientation when you’re ready. In the meantime, if you’d like to help some other way, consider making a donation to make sure we stay open!


How do I become a volunteer?

First you’ll have to attend an orientation – and you can find one near you here. Once you become a volunteer you’ll be emailed access to our Task Calendar which has all the baking opportunities on it. This updates periodically as agencies submit their requests throughout the month. You can sign up for whichever cake you’re able to bake and deliver – rinse and repeat!

Where are the delivery locations? Are you near [my area]?

We partner with agencies all around but chances are the agencies will be in lower-income areas, as that is the most appropriate place to serve their population. On the Task Calendar you’ll see the delivery addresses and you can choose a cake based on your availability for baking/delivery. Please note that there are specific delivery windows. Many of our partners are only open Monday through Friday, and very few on weekends, so please pay attention!

Do I get to meet the child I bake a cake for?

Our site says hand-deliver – but we mean deliver to the agency. If you’re looking to meet these children and interact with them, we aren’t the organization to join. For Goodness Cakes exists to give everyone in the community a chance to celebrate a person who has been forgotten, as an extension of the wonderful work these agencies do when they may be understaffed or underfunded. Not everyone has the time to invest in volunteering directly with these organizations, and we’re here to help. If you’d like to become a child advocate or mentor, please see the list of agencies we work with and contact them directly for volunteer information.

How creative can I get?

Every cake has its own requests to make the cake special for the recipient, but you can get creative as you’d like! Check out our gallery of semi-cryptic requests and how our volunteers interpreted them for some incredible cakes.

Can I use box cake mix/can of frosting?

Of course! The biggest feeling of joy the recipients get is from the fact that someone – someone who doesn’t even know them! – went out of their way to bake and deliver a cake just for their special day. We encourage the use of box cake and canned frosting – get your baking confidence up!

Do you need any cakes [tomorrow/next week/next month]?

All cakes are on our Task Calendar and are completely dependent on when the agencies request them. Cakes are usually added to the calendar for the next month between the 20th and 28th of the month prior. Check the calendar often when you become a volunteer!