I want to start a chapter!

We are so happy in your initiative to bring this happiness to the children and young adults in their community so that we fulfill our collective vision – that everyone deserves to be celebrated.


Let's get started :)

Starting – and running – a chapter is no piece of cake. We firmly believe that once a chapter is opened, our top priority is to keep it open. This means that those special few we choose to lead chapters have shown incredible initiative to raise funds, be the passionate inspiration to their fellow Sprinkle Squad, and maintain our beloved partnerships with agencies who trust us to deliver not only a cake, but a slice of hope in the community these children and young adults feel so separated from.

If you meet the initial requirements below, we’d love to hear from you – 

     a.     Be able to learn our technology, as it is the cornerstone to For Goodness Cakes' network - create opportunities for volunteers to meet up, be engaging on social media, and provide reports when asked by HQ.

     b.     Dedicate 20-30 hours a month to making sure all cake requests are fulfilled, delivered, and meet consistency standards. This means taking emergency calls from agencies if a volunteer doesn’t follow through, or making a delivery/cake yourself.

     c.     A communications pro who practices empathy toward your volunteers, agencies, and donors, and approaches interpersonal relations humbly and happily. You’re the face of your chapter and set the example.

     d.     Prove your commitment by raising $7,500 to show you’re capable of keeping the chapter sustained year after year. Manage your donors with prompt follow-ups, thank yous, and keeping our program transparent helps them feel confident that their contributions are important – because they are!

If you're ready, send an email to our Executive Director, Jaime Lehman at jaime@forgoodnesscakes.org and let her know why you should be considered!

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