I’m ready to Start a Chapter in my city!

We are so excited that not only do you want to join our Sprinkle Squad, but that you want to be the person to lead the charge! Here’s to you baking an impact in your community - we’d love to help!

Below is a form to fill out with a few questions. Once our Executive Director reviews them, she’ll reach out in 5-7 days for the best time to connect and have a chat.

*Please make sure your chapter already exists in your city - check out our Chapter List!

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Best Phone # to reach you
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We'd like to know how you feel about the initial commitment - this does not include the yearly fundraise requirements
After you raise $2,500, you'll have to begin raising your $5,000 for the year, and you'll have to do so for every year thereafter to help keep your chapter's lights on.