Take the Orientation - Read This First!

We have an online orientation that allows you to become a volunteer on your schedule - which is what we’re all about!

There are two sections: (1) Learn about how we work and our expectations of volunteers, and (2) a Food Safety Training

The Food Safety Training requires passing with a 90% or more, and you have two attempts to do so. If you do not pass within these parameters, we will ask you to take the ServSafe Food Handler’s Certification. ServSafe does charge a fee to take their course, so keep that in mind. Even if you have a Food Handler’s Certification, you must take this orientation - zero exceptions.

You’re probably wondering why - well, you’ll learn that food safety is our #1 priority. The health of the kids and young adults we bake for come first, and some of these kitchen rules just aren’t common sense. We’re not in the business of gotcha questions you probably remember from high school exams, we’re just testing to make sure you were paying attention. You’ll learn a lot about how to keep everyone safe, and we think we did a pretty great job of keeping it fun - we promise!


1. Fill out the Sign-up Form by clicking the link below. You may only join if you live in the areas we deliver in!

2. Start taking the online orientation free from distraction. If you have to take a break, DO NOT RE-REGISTER.

3. Pass the quiz at the end of the Food Safety Training with a 90% in two attempts or less

4. Get the link to our Task Calendar when you pass and start baking cakes!

**NOTE: Do not use Internet Explorer/Edge as your browser to take the orientation**
Chrome/Firefox/Safari Browsers ONLY
If you start the orientation you must complete it - or else you have to start over!

(click link above to take you to the training)

Having issues? Contact support@forgoodnesscakes.org