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The task calendar is empty! What does that mean?

When the task calendar is empty it means all the baking opportunities have been scooped up by other volunteers - but don't worry! New opportunities are added each month, so continue checking back in periodically. 


Something came up/I got sick/family emergency and I can't bake - can I buy one?

Part of what is so amazing about how we've structured this organization is that it is flexible around your schedule - but sometimes, life has it's own plans! If you are sick or there is an emergency and there are more than 72 hours before delivery, then we ask that you let us know ASAP so that we can find someone else. 

One of the things our recipients love about these cakes is that they are homemade - someone from their community took the time and effort to go out of their way to make something by hand, and it is in that which makes it the most special. Bakery cakes should be reserved for either super allergens (i.e., nut-free), or last-second emergencies (<72 hours), which must be decorated with a Happy Birthday [name]. Any bakery cakes without personalization will be rejectedPlease note: if you're sick, do not make your cake - let a staff member know so we can reassign it to another person, otherwise it will make the recipient sick too!

I can bake, but I can't deliver. What do I do?

We ask that you only sign up for cakes you're able to deliver, but in an event of an emergency only, you can ask your fellow volunteers for help on our Facebook group page, The Sprinkle Squad! Email us for a link to join, as it is only for current volunteers. If you still cannot find help, please let us know so we can assign someone else to bake and deliver. We cannot deliver these cakes on your behalf - we've got jobs and schedules, too!

I'm a terrible decorator - can I still volunteer? 

This is a great question that we get a lot, so don't worry! Our ask is that you are able to bake a cake, apply a frosting, and write "Happy Birthday [name]". We don't ask that you're a Cake Boss - just that you're able to provide a tasty cake with their name on it. Use box cake and canned frosting - most of us do! Baking is a science, and Duncan Hines/Betty Crocker have it down. Don't be afraid to try something new - your recipient is going to be so happy for your gift regardless!

Do you have any links to good recipes for cakes and/or frosting?

Yes we do! Our two absolute favorite baking blogs are Joe Pastry and Smitten Kitchen. Joe Pastry is a science-minded baking recipe/technique blog run by a gentleman who used to work for Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa). His recipes are foolproof - they're how we learned there are five different types of buttercream! Smitten Kitchen is run by Deb Perelman, and our Executive Director is obsessed (her Matzoh Ball Soup recipe is on point). We highly recommend using her recipes if you're looking for a bit more exotic baking adventure. 



How can I tag you on social media? What am I allowed to post?

Showing off your cakes is one of our favorite parts of this job - and we need you to send us pictures, or post them on social media so we can share them! You can email them or tag us:

Instagram: 4_goodness_cakes
Facebook: /forgoodnesscakesinc
Twitter: @FGC_org

We only ask that you don't post where your donation goes - just a picture of the cake with the child/young adult's first name and age only, and that you're a member of our Sprinkle Squad!

There aren't any cakes available in my area - the ones you have are too far away!

We understand that Los Angeles County is HUGE - and traffic is a big issue! Even a five mile drive during rush hour can take hours. Please feel free to email us about adding agencies in your area - but also understand that we have to wait until there are more of you in your area to accommodate all the recipients in the programs we'll be adding. We thank you for your patience!


I know a nonprofit For Goodness Cakes should work with!

We're always looking for more agencies to partner with and deliver cakes to their youth and young adults. Send us an email with information, or simply send the agency a link to our Agency Partnerships page. They can reach out to us through the form and we'll get in touch.


I signed up for a cake and would like some guidance

We're happy to help! Send us an email with your request and we'll do our best!