Birthdays are well often overlooked due to more pressing needs.

Our mission at For Goodness Cakes is to give individual youth at least one special moment
that is about them. By providing a child a treat made especially for them, it gives them some
much needed time to not feel the increasing pressure of their socioeconomic situation,
but rather grow optimism and confidence. 



Receive WISHES

We receive requests from non-profit agencies who work with at-risk youth for orders of our cakes.


BAKE all the cakes

Our volunteers are matched and leap into action to mix up, whip up, and frost up every special delivery.


deliver happiness

Our most favorite part of the job –
creating the biggest smiles ever. 

They aren’t used to having someone celebrate their birthdays -
and they were so grateful to have a cake made just for them.
— Beth Ryan, Director of Youth in Transition, Extraordinary Families


Your donations are the secret ingredient of our cakes, covering everything from eggs to frosting to this site.


Have a free afternoon? Want to break some eggs? We'd love if you could lend a hand.

Would you like some cakes for your organization or agency? Tell us more about yourself.