Our volunteers are the frosting on top of our cakes!
With your hard work and dedication, we can bring joy to every child on their birthday.
Detailed in the steps below are how you can get started with our organization.

Already a member of the Sprinkle Squad and have some questions?
Visit our Volunteer FAQ page!





We take food handling very seriously. Our 35-minute online orientation reviews the safest baking practices.
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After taking the orientation, you'll have access to our birthday calendar to sign up for baking opportunities.




Volunteers are responsible for delivering the cake to the agency personally. Please choose an agency close to you.

Can't bake but want to deliver?
Let us know - we need you!



Where are you located?

We are currently only in Los Angeles and exclusively serving L.A. county. We will be opening other chapters in other major cities very soon. Stay tuned!


How often should I bake cakes?

The more the merrier, literally!
We encourage return bakers and will send you a "stamp card" with some goodies at certain milestones. 


Is there an age minimum to bake?

You must be at least 13 years old, with a parent who is a volunteer in good standing. We love our little bakers, we just ask that they are supervised with an adult at all times to prevent any accidents. 

How will I know who to bake for?

You'll get all the details about the cake before you start baking. Sometimes we have non-specific requests that allow our bakers to get really creative.

Do I have to take the orientation?

Yes! In order to become a volunteer,
you must take our orientation and
pass the quiz. We won't be baking just yet, but you'll be ready!


Can I post the cake on Instagram?

Of course. We'll send you a short
how-to guide to take the most flattering photo of your cake. Please tag us in any related posts @4_goodness_cakes

How creative can I get?

If Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, and three identical unicorns all decorated the same cake, what do you think it would look like? Yeah, that creative. 


Not sure I can commit yet...

We totally understand! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates. Reach out whenever you think you're ready for a fun afternoon of good feels. 


Can I get a picture of the party?

Unfortunately, we legally cannot take videos or photos of the recipients of the cakes except in super rare circumstances. But rest assured, your cake was thoroughly enjoyed!