Volunteer Spotlight - Jeanne Ackerman

Let’s show some sugar for the November Volunteer in the Spotlight, Jeanne Ackerman!


Jeanne is a seasoned veteran in the Sprinkle Squad, already making and delivering 39 cakes for the Sprinkle Squad! A fan of all things Disney, her favorite cake made so far has been an adorable Minnie Mouse cake.

From a young age, Jeanne has had a love for baking, having fond memories of baking with her mom. She remembers baking dozens of holiday cookies in December with her mom. Flour, sugar, and butter fill her counter as she recalls the warm memories, even more so since her mom’s passing.

“Being able to share the results of my baking is just so very rewarding.  Mom always made sure my sister and I had our favorite dessert on our birthdays, a tradition my sister and I still honor to this day.  I can't imagine not having your favorite sweet to celebrate your special day, so being able to give that to someone is such a wonderful experience.”

For her eighth birthday, Jeanne still remembers a special cake her sister made for her decorated like a Raggedy Ann doll. She remembers the time and attention put into the cake as sweet and thoughtful.

Jeanne first heard of For Goodness Cakes when she subscribed to Volunteer Match and listed as a good match. Her passion is baking and being given the opportunity to bake for others brings her such joy. She says the fun comes from the challenge to come up with a cake that will highlight what the recipient likes, and she is always surprised by the range of the interest the kids have!

We asked Jeanne if she had any words of advice for others looking to volunteer: “Find a cause that speaks to you and where you can use your skills. I'm just so grateful to be part of the Sprinkle Squad.”

Thank you, Jeanne, for being such an important part of the Sprinkle Squad and all that you do to help spread love, joy, and frosting!