Volunteer Spotlight - Marijean Armstrong


One of our favorite things to do at For Goodness Cakes is to highlight our volunteers. They are truly remarkable and constantly impress us with their generosity and talent. This month we are highlighting Marijean, and we are excited to share her personal experience with you! 

Last year Marijean was looking for volunteer opportunities where she could use what she loved to do to benefit others. After some research, she found us - it was a truly perfect match because her hobby just so happened to be cake decorating!

She immediately signed up for the next orientation and loved the mission and vision that was presented to her. That very same day, she became a part of the Sprinkle Squad and quickly signed up for her first cake. Now this was no regular assignment - her very first baked good for the organization was, in fact, a Wedding Cake! The Executive Director of Stepping Forward LA was getting married and wanted a way to celebrate with the young adults from the First Saturday workshops because they weren’t able to come to the wedding. She thought she would receive a cake like the others, but Marijean had other plans!


This cake stands out for Marijean for several reasons. It was her first assignment so it held a special place in her heart, alternating layers of yellow and pink velvet cake with buttercream icing. She put in a great deal of effort into creating the bride and groom cake topper by melting white chocolate and pouring it into a candy mold. She had such a wonderful time making it! 

Then, several months after she created the cake she actually got to meet the woman the cake was for! While attending a KidSave event, Marijean met Beth, who learned she was a volunteer with For Goodness Cakes. They began to chat and Beth described a cake that was made for her and showed Marijean the picture of the wedding cake she herself had made! Marijean remarked how funny it can be when things can come full circle. 

Marijean’s top recommendation is to encourage other volunteers to let loose creatively and simply have fun. She likes to try new decorating techniques or a new cake mix flavor when she gets a baker's choice assignment. She has discovered several new favorites that way.

She also stressed to always keep in mind that the kids will love whatever is created for them and it doesn't have to be fancy. It always surprises her how much joy receiving a cake brings to someone especially when they learn it was made just for them.

To hear it directly from this wonderful woman herself, “Everyone should have a cake on their birthday and to get the chance to create one for someone who otherwise might not have one is literally and figuratively icing on the cake for me!”

Thank you, Marijean. It is an honor to have you as a part of our organization. You truly inspire!